Spanish vacation rentals in Almerimar, Andalusia

Costa de Almeria

Costa de Almeria’s unique position has made for one of Spain’s most diverse and varied coastlines.

In turn, Almeria has evolved so it can cater to a broad spectrum of holiday needs and desires. From busy tourist beaches and resorts, to nature areas that are seemingly untouched, Costa de Almeria beckons visitors to a land of fiestas, folklore and frivolity.

Vera & Mojacar

Northern Costa de Almeria borders Costa Calida and is marked by the city of San Juan de los Terroros and it glorious sandy beach of the same name. Wind your way south to the city of Vera specialising in naturism. Mojacar is earning quite a name for itself on the tourism circuit just further south. Mojacar Pueblo is the lovely white village that clings to the side of the hill and is represented in a classic façade so true to Andalucia. 2km away is Mojacar Playa, a beach area dipping into the Mediterranean Sea. Offering glimpses of Arabic, Muslim, Roman, Moorish and Greek culture, Mojacar’s unique heritage places it a level above.

Cabo de Gata Nature Park

From Mojacar, spend a few days exploring Cabo de Gata Nature Park where you can lose yourself amongst jagged volcanic rocks, salt flats, sweeping sand dunes and tiny forgotten fishing villages. Bring binoculars to see over 170 species of birds and journey to the distant lighthouse perched atop precarious cliffs.

San Jose

Nearby San Jose is a tiny coastal village on the verge of major discovery by tourism. To date the town has no tall buildings, no massive hotels or apartment blocks and offers Costa de Almeria’s finest beaches just southwest of town.

Almeria - Alcazaba

Almeria is at the heart of Costa de Almeria. This one city represents that which has drawn holidaymakers to Spain’s coasts for decades. Dominating the old town is the citadel Alcazaba. Often referred to as the Garden Fortress, Alcazaba was commissioned by Arab royalty in 955 and still bears witness to Almeria’s prosperous past. On Mondays, visit the La Chaca quarter’s street market. Almeria boasts romantic Andalucian white facades and traditional cobblestone streets dotted with local crafts shops, al fresco cafes and family-run restaurants serving up sublime dishes.

Roquetas de Mar

The western shores of Costa de Almeria are the most visited, with Roquetas de Mar absorbing much of the traffic. Vibrant pink flamingos dot the azure water with green palm trees clicking on the shoreline. The beaches here and resort areas combine to make Roquetas de Mar a most desired holiday locale.

Costa de Almeria Beaches

Costa de Almeria beaches are nothing short of divine. This ever-changing coastline creates a multitude of different styles of beaches. Choose from a number of exceptional beaches noted for being popular with tourists and offering typical amenities and sporting options. Aguadulce, Agua Amarga, El Lancon, Garrucha, Mojacar Playa, Vera and Roquetas de Mar all boast clean sweeps of sand, restaurants, bars, shops, sports and a general air of fabulous beach life. If you seek tranquillity and serenity on your holiday, or just for a day, Costa de Almeria beaches can accommodate your needs and desires. Standing along the shores of El Monsul, Genoveses Beach at Cabo de Gata and Playa del Penon Blanco Beach, also at Cabo de Gata, affords visitors a view of a quiet golden beach slipping silently into the waiting sea. At the right time the only sound to be heard is the soothing ebb and flow of the gentle waves.

Costa de Almeria Naturist Beaches

Hooray for Spain’s accepting attitude of all nature of holiday wishes. Whether you choose to participate or not, Costa de Almeria naturist beaches are set aside for all those that like their beach activities sans clothes. Vera Beach is well known in the naturist community, and other beaches to check out include Macenas Beach in Mojacar and El Monsul Beach near San Jose.

Costa de Almeria Golf- Alboran & Marina Golf

Costa de Almeria’s golf courses are a welcome addition to any fabulous Spanish holiday. Whether winding through hills, undulating across valleys, or dramatically ending at a cliff’s edge, the golf courses in Costa de Almeria were designed for all handicaps in a stunning layout. Alboran Golf is near El Toyo in Almeria packed with 66 bunkers. Also in Almeria is Marina Golf Course, which cleverly uses the natural water hazards to demand accuracy from its players.

Playa Serena Golf & Desert Springs Golf

Playa Serena in Roquetas de Mar is a flat course kept to the highest standards with an excellent driving range facility and an exquisite clubhouse. Desert Springs Golf Course is a rarity amongst its European brothers. This is the first desert course in Europe designed similarly to the famous desert courses of Arizona and California in the USA. Not only earning a reputation for excellence in Spain, this unique club is becoming well known throughout European golf channels in the know.

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