Spanish vacation rentals in Almerimar, Andalusia

Spain is known the world over for having brilliant weather, and visitors to Costa de Almeria will delight in the mild temperatures and dry weather so common to the Spanish costas. Costa de Almeria weather is unique. While Costa del Sol bakes during the summer months, Costa de Almeria averages a pleasant 25ºC, perfect for touring, golfing and swimming.

The winters are also just about perfect. The average winter temperature is a remarkably temperate 13ºC. The sea temperature is just as delightful as the land’s. The sea is a refreshing 23ºC making scuba diving, snorkelling and swimming absolutely divine. Just over the sea from the Sahara Desert, it is not difficult to imagine that there is little rain in Costa de Almeria. Though certainly not as arid as its neighbour, Costa de Almeria maintains glorious green flora, whilst rarely raining out a day out on the golf course.
2017-07-25 32°C
2017-07-26 32°C
2017-07-27 32°C
2017-07-28 35°C
2017-07-29 34°C

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